What is OOPS? And What are the basic concepts of Object Oriented Programming?

After a journey start of a programmer from procedure oriented programming. C++ is the introduction point to many of us to OOPs.

OOPs is a old concept started with from since late 1950’s and early 1960’s. OOPs stands for Object Oriented Programming.

Simula (1967) is accepted as the first language of OOPs.

Object Oriented Programming (OOPs) is a programming paradigm based on the concepts of “objects”. Objects are composed of attributes also known as fields and functions known as methods. The basic concepts of OOP(s) is have focus on data instead on the process following to achieve the final result.

There are significant methodologies of OOPs language. The Popular one is Class Templateing where object is consider as the instance of Class Structure.

There are certain concepts, which consider as the basics of OOP(s).

  1. Encapsulation
  2. Abstraction
  3. Inheritance
  4. Polymorpism

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