This copy of windows is not genuine

The trail version of windows OS, giving error “This copy of windows is not genuine” is fixed using some simple steps because of expiration of time period of trail or if you are using the pirated version of windows.

You find this error on your screen bottom right hand side corner and blank black screen.

The provided method is work fine with 32bit or x86 version and 64bit Windows 7 OS machine.

Steps to Fix Error Contain 3 -Steps

Step 1 : Uninstall Update KB971033

You are having error that This copy of windows is not genuine when your windows has updated KB971033 file on your system, you have to uninstall that update from your system.

  1. Open Control Panel
  2. Go Program and Features .
  3. Click On View installed updates.
  4. Select form list Update for Microsoft Windows (KB971033).
  5.  Click on Uninstall a program on left hand panel.
  6. Restart your System (PC) .
Step 2 : SLMGR -REARM command
  1. Open your cmd as Administrator.
    • Click On Start , type cmd on search box.
    • Under Program list you find cmd program.
    • Press or Hit Crtl + Shift + Enter.
    • This will open cmd having path C:\Windows\System32>
  2. Type
    C:\Windows\System32>SLMGR -REARM

    (Its is a tool that reset license status of a machine) and press Enter.

  3. Just Restart your System(PC). Now you will receive error message. If the command is not work for you, you need to try with C:\windows\System32>SLMGR /REARM.
Step 3 : Turn Off Updates
  1. Go to Control Panel.
  2. Click Windows Update.
  3. Click Install updates automatically (Recommended).
  4. You must select Never Check for Updates (Not Recommended).

*Please Use Original Window Buy a Simple pack and Prevent your self form Inconvenience.

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